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The people listed here work centrally in history of medicine and allied sciences. Many other colleagues have relevant interests; see the full list of Teaching Officers, Research Fellows and Teaching Associates, and Affiliates.

Teaching Officers

Emeritus Professor

Research Fellows and Teaching Associates

College Teaching Officers

College Fellows

  • Mr Peter Jones (King's College): Medieval medicine
  • Dr Andreas Sommer: History of the human sciences and medicine, historiographies of science and the occult

Other people at the University of Cambridge

Affiliated Scholars

  • Dr Debby Banham: Anglo-Saxon medicine
  • Dr Christina Benninghaus: Social history of medicine
  • Professor German E. Berrios: History of psychopathology and psychiatry
  • Dr Sanjoy Bhattacharya: History of medicine in South Asia
  • Professor Peter Bowler: History of scientific ideas about biology, race and evolution
  • Professor Janet Browne: History of the life sciences and natural history
  • Dr Robert Bud: History of technology, museology, chemistry and biosciences
  • Dr Tatjana Buklijas: History of anatomy and embryology
  • Dr Andrew Cunningham: History of medicine
  • Ms Shinjini Das: History of medicine in 19th-century India
  • Professor Soraya de Chadarevian: History of biology and biomedicine
  • Dr Silvia De Renzi: Early-modern medicine
  • Dr Rohan Deb Roy: The 'nonhuman' in science studies; new imperial history; South Asia
  • Dr Karin Ekholm: Early modern European medicine, anatomy and natural philosophy
  • Dr Ole Grell: History of medicine and religion
  • Dr Philippa Hardman: Science and gender
  • Dr Vanessa Heggie: History of modern medicine and biology
  • Professor Sonia Horn: History of medical education, 18th and 19th centuries
  • Ms Shelley Innes: Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Professor Gerald Kutcher: History of medicine, science, public health and bioethics
  • Dr Elaine Leong: Early modern medicine
  • Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd: Ancient science and medicine
  • Ms Helen Macdonald: History of ecology
  • Professor Jim Moore: Social history of 'science and religion' since 1800
  • Dr Ayesha Nathoo: History of 20th-century medicine, science and medical communication
  • Dr Francis Neary: History of modern medical technologies
  • Dr Hannah Newton: Medical, social and cultural history of early modern England
  • Dr Alison Pearn: Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Dr Sadiah Qureshi: Endangered peoples and human display in the 19th century
  • Dr Jennifer Rampling: Late medieval and early modern alchemy, medicine and natural philosophy
  • Professor Eleanor Robson: Medicine in the ancient and pre-modern Middle East
  • Dr Christine Salazar: History of military medicine
  • Dr Anne Secord: 19th-century popular science
  • Dr Andrew Wear: Early-modern history of medicine
  • Dr Paul White: Life sciences in Victorian Britain
  • Dr Louise Elizabeth Wilson: Witchcraft and medicine in medieval England

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