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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student

College: St Catharine's

Supervisor: Lauren Kassell and Dániel Margócsy (advisor)

Thesis title: The Clock and the Hand: Taking the Pulse in English Medicine, 1650-1710

Research interests: Early modern medicine and natural philososphy; pre-modern knowledge exchange; late imperial Chinese medicine



Peer-Reviewed Article

Yijie Huang, “Anatomizing the Pulse: Edmund King’s Analogy, Observation and Conception of the Tubular Body,” Annals of Science 79, Issue 3 (2022).


Book Review

Yijie Huang, “Erin Webster. The Curious Eye: Optics and Imaginative Literature in Seventeenth-Century England. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020. Pp. 224. $80.00 (cloth),” Journal of British Studies 60, No. 3 (2021).


Selected Conferences/Invited Presentations

"Pulse remedies and the topology of healing in early modern England," American Associations for the History of Medicine Conference, Saratoga Springs, April 2022.

"Reinventing Chinese pulse diagnostics in late seventeenth-century England," Needham Research Institute Seminar Series, Cambridge, January 2022.

"Perception and analogy: anatomising the pulse in late seventeenth-century England 感知與類比:在17世紀下半葉的英國解剖脈搏 (in Chinese)," Department of History of Science Seminar Series, Tsinghua University, Beijing, December 2021.

"Taking the pulse in the marketplace of print in seventeenth-century England," History of Science Society Meeting, New Orleans, November 2021.

"Tactility, the pulse and body knowledge in transit: John Floyer’s reading of diagnostic touch in English and Chinese medicine," 26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology on Giants and Dwarfs in Science, Technology and Medicine, Prague, July 2021.

"John Floyer’s pulse-watch and the emergence of a pulse clocklike”, Santorio Fellow’s Talk, 2021 Summer School at the Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance, Pisa, July 2021.

"Analogy, microscopy, and the tubular body: Edmund King’s anatomy of the pulse in Restoration England," Renaissance Society of America Conference, Dublin, April 2021.

"Casebook, encounter, and touch: reading the pulse in late seventeenth-century medical practice," American Associations for the History of Medicine Conference , Ann Arbor, December 2020.

"How to clarify touch? Literal idioms, numbers and their relationship in John Floyer’s pulse diagnostics," 9th European Society for the History of Science Conference: Visual, Material and Sensory Cultures of Science, Bologna, August 2020.

"Flowing the observational similarity: seventeenth-century transmission of pulse knowledge between China and Europe,"15th International Conference in History of Science in East Asia, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, August 2019.



Lead supervisor, HPS Part II (Natural Sciences) Paper 1: Early Science and Medicine, Cambridge, 2021-22

Supervisor, HPS Part II (Natural Sciences) Paper 1: Early Science and Medicine, Cambridge, 2020-21

Supervisor, History Part II Paper BBS113: Early Medicine (Chinese Medicine), Cambridge, 2022-23, 2020-21



Lisa Jardine Grant Award, Royal Society, 2022

Covid-19 Extension Funding, Cambridge Trust, 2021-22

Annals of Science Best Paper Prize, 2021

Santorio Fellowship in Medical Humanities and Science, Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance, Pisa, Italy, 2021

Molina Fellowship in the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Huntington Library, California, USA, 2020

CSC Cambridge Scholarship, Cambridge Trust and China Scholarship Council, 2018-21



Visiting Predoctoral Fellow, Dept. III, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Sep-Nov 2022


Public Engagement

Yijie Huang, "A Spider at the Pulse," Recipes Project, 30 September 2021.

Yijie Huang, "Touching as Knowing: The Social Circulation of the Pulse," EPOCH Magazine, 01 September 2021.