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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The philosophy of science community in Cambridge is comprised of permanent teaching and research staff in HPS and in Philosophy, fixed-term lecturers, research fellows based in colleges and centres, and students at all levels. In addition, every year we host visiting scholars from around the world.

Permanent Faculty in HPS

  • Anna Alexandrova: Philosophy of Social Science
  • Hasok Chang: Philosophy of Science, History and Philosophy of Chemistry and Physics
  • Marta Halina: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Stephen John: Public Health Ethics, Epistemology and Ethics
  • Tim Lewens: Philosophy of Biology, Philosophical Bioethics
  • Staffan Müller-Wille: Historical Epistemology
  • Jacob Stegenga: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Formal Methods

Fixed Term Lecturers in HPS

  • Matt Farr: Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics, Philosophy of Physics

Permanent Faculty in Philosophy

  • Arif Ahmed: Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics, Probability and Statistics
  • Alexander Bird: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine
  • Angela Breitenbach: Kant, Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics
  • Neil Dewar: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Logic
  • Jessie Munton: Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Psychology

Colleges, Centres, Fellows and Affiliates

  • Shahar Avin: Social Epistemology, Artificial Intelligence, Existential Risks
  • Ali Boyle: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology
  • Andrew Buskell: Philosophy of the Biological, Cognitive and Social Sciences
  • Milena Ivanova: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Metaphysics
  • Yang Liu: Logic, Philosophy of Probability, Rational Choice
  • Tushar Menon: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
  • Rune Nyrup: Reasoning in Science
  • Brian Pitts: Philosophy of Physics
  • Henry Shevlin: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence


  • Simon Blackburn
  • Nick Jardine
  • Huw Price