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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The people listed here work centrally in history of medicine and allied sciences. Many other colleagues have relevant interests; see the full list of Teaching Officers, Research Fellows and Teaching Associates, and Affiliates.

Teaching Officers

Research Fellows and Teaching Associates


Affiliated Scholars

  • Dr Leah Astbury: Early modern gender, medicine and environment
  • Dr Jenny Bangham: History of medicine and the biomedical sciences
  • Dr Robert Bud: History of technology, museology, chemistry and biosciences
  • Dr Tatjana Buklijas: History and social studies of biomedical and biological sciences
  • Professor Soraya de Chadarevian: History of biology and biomedicine
  • Dr Silvia De Renzi: Early-modern medicine
  • Dr Yijie Huang: Early modern medicine and natural philosophy
  • Dr Richard A. McKay: 20th-century history of medicine and public health
  • Dr Ayesha Nathoo: History of 20th-century medicine, science and medical communication
  • Dr Jesse Olszynko-Gryn: History of science, technology and medicine; health activism; film history
  • Dr Rob Ralley: Social history of natural philosophy, medicine and magic
  • Dr Anne Secord: 19th-century popular science
  • Dr Paul White: Life sciences in Victorian Britain

HPS Scholars in the Collegiate University

  • Dr Debby Banham (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic): Anglo-Saxon medicine
  • Professor Martin Johnson (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience): History of recent embryology
  • Mr Peter Jones (King's College): Medieval medicine
  • Professor Sachiko Kusukawa (Trinity College): History of science; cultural and intellectual history; the history of the book
  • Dr Francis Neary (Darwin Correspondence Project, University Library): History of modern medical technologies
  • Professor Sujit Sivasundaram (Faculty of History): Global and imperial histories of science, technology and medicine
  • Professor Richard M. Smith (Department of Geography): Historical demography and the social history of medicine
  • Dr Emma Spary (Faculty of History): History of natural history; history of food and consumption
  • Professor Simon Szreter (Faculty of History): History and public policy
  • Dr Deborah Thom (Robinson College): Early 20th-century human sciences

Generation to Reproduction


Cambridge historians of medicine and biology are taking a long-term, cross-disciplinary approach to the history of reproduction.

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Making Visible Embryos


Explore our online exhibition on the history of embryo images.

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The Casebooks Project


Browse and search Simon Forman's and Richard Napier's records of thousands of consultations.

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