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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


CamPoS (Cambridge Philosophy of Science) is a network of academics and students working in the philosophy of science in various parts of the University of Cambridge, including the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and the Faculty of Philosophy. The Wednesday afternoon seminar series features current research by CamPoS members as well as visitors to Cambridge and scholars based in nearby institutions. If you are interested in presenting in the series, please contact Matt Farr (mwef2). If you have any queries or suggestions for other activities that CamPoS could undertake, please contact Huw Price, Jeremy Butterfield or Anna Alexandrova.

Seminars are held fortnightly on Wednesdays, 1.00–2.30pm on Zoom.

Easter Term 2021

Book Launch: Mauricio Suárez's Philosophy of Probability and Statistical Modelling

Wednesday 19 May, 1.00–2.30pm on Zoom

Contact Matt Farr (mwef2) for the link.

Rani Anjum, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Nancy Cartwright, Durham University & University of California San Diego
Michael Strevens, New York University
Mauricio Suárez, Complutense University of Madrid
Jacob Stegenga, University of Cambridge (chair)

Three distinguished philosophers meet the author to discuss Mauricio Suárez's recent book, Philosophy of Probability and Statistical Modelling, Cambridge Elements, Cambridge University Press (2020). The book defends the 'complex nexus of chance' approach to statistical modelling practice, according to which chance functions in practice as a nexus of properties that typically includes probabilistic dispositions or propensities (represented by certain parametrizations of the phenomena), single case chances (represented in a model's formal probability distributions functions); and frequencies in actual or imagined data (represented as limiting ratios, or 'surface probabilities' within models of data). The discussion will focus upon the metaphysical foundations and methodological implications of this 'tripartite' conception of chance in practice.

Please note that Philosophy of Probability and Statistical Modelling is free to download from the Cambridge University Press Elements site until 20 May.