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CamPoS (Cambridge Philosophy of Science) is a network of academics and students working in the philosophy of science in various parts of the University of Cambridge, including the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and the Faculty of Philosophy. The Wednesday afternoon seminar series features current research by CamPoS members as well as visitors to Cambridge and scholars based in nearby institutions. If you are interested in presenting in the series, please contact Matt Farr (mwef2). If you have any queries or suggestions for other activities that CamPoS could undertake, please contact Huw Price, Jeremy Butterfield or Anna Alexandrova.

Seminars are held on Wednesdays, 1.00–2.30pm in Seminar Room 2.

Further details of the composition and activities of CamPoS

Lent Term 2019

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23 January Lina Jansson (University of Nottingham)
Explanatory directionality
30 January Agnes Bolinska and Joseph Martin (HPS, Cambridge)
Negotiating history: contingency, canonicity and case studies
6 February James Nguyen (UCL)
Non-literal model interpretations
13 February Peter Epstein (Philosophy, Cambridge)
Spatial experience: more than mere structure
20 February Milena Ivanova (HPS, Cambridge)
Beauty, truth and understanding
27 February Inkeri Koskinen (University of Helsinki)
Two types of success: epistemic exchange and societal impact in extra-academic research collaborations
6 March Cancelled
13 March Maarten Steenhagen (Philosophy, Cambridge)
On a central puzzle in philosophical catoptrics