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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The people listed on this page do not have an office in the Department.


College Teaching Officers

  • Dr Marina Frasca-Spada (Corpus Christi College): History of philosophy from Descartes to Kant; history of philosophy of science; 18th-century studies
  • Professor Sachiko Kusukawa (Trinity College): History of science; cultural and intellectual history; the history of the book
  • Dr Deborah Thom (Robinson College): Early 20th-century human sciences


College Fellows

  • Dr Seb Falk (Girton College): Science in the later middle ages
  • Mr Peter Jones (King's College): Medieval medicine
  • Dr Melanie Keene (Homerton College): 19th-century 'popular science'; science and literature
  • Dr Simon Mitton (St Edmund's College): History of astronomy and cosmology




Other people at the University of Cambridge

  • Dr Shahar Avin (Centre for the Study of Existential Risk): Social epistemology; research policy; artificial intelligence; existential risks
  • Dr Sara Baker (Faculty of Education): Cognitive science and education
  • Dr Debby Banham (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic): Anglo-Saxon medicine
  • Dr Michael Bravo (Department of Geography): Scientific research and Arctic exploration
  • Dr Angela Breitenbach (Faculty of Philosophy): History of modern philosophy; the philosophy of Kant
  • Dr Shawn M. Bullock (Faculty of Education): History of physics and technology; history of science education
  • Dr Robbie Duschinsky (Department of Public Health and Primary Care): History and sociology of psychological research and practice
  • Professor Sarah Franklin (Department of Sociology): Cultural analysis of new reproductive technologies
  • Dr Inanna Hamati-Ataya (CRASSH): Anthropology, history and sociology of knowledge, science and technology
  • Professor Richard Holton (Faculty of Philosophy): Moral psychology; ethics; philosophy of law; philosophy of language
  • Ms Shelley Innes (Darwin Correspondence Project, University Library): Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Professor Martin Johnson (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience): History of recent embryology
  • Professor Tony Lawson (Faculty of Economics): Economics and philosophy
  • Dr Kathy Liddell (Faculty of Law): Medical law, emerging technologies and intellectual property
  • Professor Benedikt Löwe (Faculty of Mathematics): Philosophy of mathematics, logic
  • Mr Scott Mandelbrote (Faculty of History): History of natural philosophy
  • Professor Peter Mandler (Faculty of History): British cultural, intellectual and social history
  • Dr Alexander Marr (Department of History of Art): Early modern English visual culture
  • Professor Jianjun Mei (Needham Research Institute): Metallurgy in early China; cultural interactions between China and the West
  • Dr Lukas Meier (Churchill College): Philosophy of medicine
  • Dr Laure Miolo (Corpus Christi College): Late medieval astronomy/astrology
  • Dr Samuel A. Moore (University Library and Homerton College): Academic publishing and open science
  • Dr Francis Neary (Darwin Correspondence Project, University Library): History of modern medical technologies
  • Dr Alison Pearn (Darwin Correspondence Project, University Library): Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Professor Huw Price (Faculty of Philosophy): Philosophy of physics
  • Dr Katherine Reinhart (CRASSH): Visual culture and scientific practice
  • Dr Edwin Rose (Darwin College): History of natural history; histories of the book
  • Dr Richard Serjeantson (Trinity College): Early-modern intellectual history
  • Dr William Simpson (St Edmund's College): Metaphysics; philosophy of physics; philosophy of nature; Aristotelianism
  • Professor Sujit Sivasundaram (Faculty of History): Global and imperial histories of science, technology and medicine
  • Dr Jeff Skopek (Faculty of Law): Medical law and ethics
  • Dr Katherine Smart (Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology): Brewing and distilling science
  • Professor Richard M. Smith (Department of Geography): Historical demography and the social history of medicine
  • Dr Emma Spary (Faculty of History): History of natural history; history of food and consumption
  • Professor Simon Szreter (Faculty of History): History and public policy
  • Emeritus Professor Keith S. Taber (Faculty of Education): Science education, including teaching and learning about the nature of science
  • Dr Daniel Wilson (CRASSH): 19th- and 20th-century science and technology
  • Dr Jack Wright (CRASSH): Philosophy of economics and the social sciences; the social organisation of science; political philosophy of science


Active Alumni

  • Dr Catherine Eagleton: Scientific instruments
  • Dr Susannah Gibson: History of the life sciences; history of 18th- and 19th-century science
  • Professor Gerald Kutcher: History of medicine, science, public health and bioethics; social studies of science
  • Dr Ayesha Nathoo: History of 20th-century medicine, science and medical communication
  • Dr Eoin Phillips: Economic history, industrialisation and models of innovation
  • Dr James Poskett: Global and imperial history of science, 1750–1900
  • Dr Sadiah Qureshi: Endangered peoples and human display in the 19th century
  • Dr Jennifer Rampling: Late medieval and early modern alchemy, medicine and natural philosophy


Affiliated Scholars


Visiting Scholars

  • Dr Alessandra Basso: Philosophy of measurement; philosophy of the social sciences; philosophy of economics



  • Dr Robert Anderson: History of chemistry and scientific instruments
  • Professor Peter Bowler: Science and society; history of scientific ideas about biology, race and evolution
  • Mr Roger Gaskell: Rare books
  • Professor Sonia Horn: History of medical education, 18th and 19th centuries
  • Dr Richard Jennings: Philosophy of language; science and ethics
  • Dr Christopher Lewis: Early modern natural philosophy
  • Professor Jim Moore: Social history of 'science and religion' since 1800
  • Professor Bence Nanay: Philosophy of mind; philosophy of biology; aesthetics
  • Professor Rick Welch: History of physics and biology