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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


College Fellow

Research interests: Medieval medicine and science; image-making in medicine; medical books and the circulation of medical information.

Peter Murray Jones is a Fellow and former Librarian of King's College, Cambridge. He was one of the co-applicants of the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award on 'Generation to Reproduction', headed by Nick Hopwood.

In 2005 he was a co-organiser of the Cambridge Illuminations exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, and in 2004 curated The Art of Medicine exhibition at the Beinecke Library, Yale.

Postal address: King's College, Cambridge CB2 1ST


Recent publications

The Medicine of the Friars in Medieval England (York Medieval Press, 2024).

'English Franciscans: Healing and the "Special Sciences" in the Later Middle Ages', in Instances of Franciscanism in England (XIIIth–XVIth Centuries), ed. Andreea Chiriches, Studi Francescani 120 (2023), 769–92.

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'Images and Paratexts', in Genre in English Medical Writing, 1500–1820: Sociocultural Contexts of Production and Use. Studies in English Language, ed. Irma Taavitsainen, Turo Hiltunen, Jeremy J. Smith, and Carla Suhr (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022), 297–303.

'John Arderne's Afterlife in Manuscript and Print', in Genre in English Medical Writing, 1500–1820: Sociocultural Contexts of Production and Use. Studies in English Language, ed. Irma Taavitsainen, Turo Hiltunen, Jeremy J. Smith, and Carla Suhr (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022), 13–31.

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(with J. Dittmar, P.D. Mitchell, B. Mulder, S.A. Inskip, C. Cessford and J.E. Robb) 'Gout and "Podagra" in Medieval Cambridge, England', International Journal of Paleopathology 33 (2021): 170–81.

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