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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Those wishing to become an Affiliate of the Department should submit an application to the Departmental Administrator via their sponsor, for circulation at the next Executive Committee (which meets on a Monday at the start and middle of each term).

The application should be received a week in advance of the meeting and should include the following documentation:

  1. Application form
  2. Brief, up-to-date CV and publications list (no more than three pages)
  3. Letter of recommendation from your current/previous department

Affiliation with the Department allows you to participate in any of our many research seminars, use our library, and have your name on our website. It does not grant access to electronic resources. The Department expects those applying for affiliation or renewal of affiliation to demonstrate that they are currently making an active contribution to the teaching and/or research in the Department and that this will be sustained over the period of the affiliation.

It is not necessary for people who already hold positions at the University of Cambridge to become Affiliates in order to participate fully in all of our activities. People in this category may appear on the Department's members list in the category 'Other people at UoC who do HPS'. If you fall into this category, please contact the Department to be added to the list.

Please be aware that you are unlikely to be granted formal affiliation if you are beyond the normal retirement age of academic staff (67 years). If you have previously been an affiliate and are now beyond this age we would instead invite you to be a 'Friend of the Department', which would enable you to continue to attend all our events, use the library and supervise.

Affiliation with HPS should not be used to extend library and email privileges after employment or study has ended. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers a range of benefits to former postdocs, including a email address for life and access to resources at the University Library. The Alumni Office provides access to a range of benefits and services to all alumni, which also includes email and library access. Information about membership of the University Library can be found on the UL website.