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Department of History and Philosophy of Science



  • Submit an application to your sponsor (a member of staff in HPS).
  • The sponsor forwards the application form (if they accept it) to
  • Deadlines for submission are 1 November, 1 January, 1 May.
  • The HPS Board approves the affiliation.

What to submit

  1. Application form
  2. Brief, up-to-date CV and publications list (no more than three pages)
  3. Letter of recommendation from your current/previous department

What does affiliation provide?

Affiliation with the Department allows you to:

  • participate in any of our many research seminars;
  • use the Whipple Library;
  • have your name on our website.

It does not grant access to electronic resources.

What are affiliates expected to do?

Potential affiliates must demonstrate their active contribution to teaching and/or research in the Department. This contribution must be sustained over the period of the affiliation.

The Department is particularly interested in affiliates who can:

  • supervise master's level coursework (essays or dissertations);
  • supervise undergraduate coursework (dissertations);
  • run undergraduate supervisions (Part IB, Part II);
  • examine master's level coursework (essays or dissertations);
  • act as an undergraduate examiner (Part IB, Part II);
  • assess an MPhil or PhD application.

Alternatives to affiliation

Those beyond the normal retirement age of academic staff (67 years) are unlikely to be granted affiliate status. Instead, if you have been an affiliate and are over 67, you can be a 'Friend of the Department'. This enables you to continue to attend all our events, use the library and supervise.

Affiliation with HPS should not be used to extend library and email privileges after employment or study has ended. The Alumni Office provides a range of benefits and services for alumni, including email and library access. Information about membership of the University Library can be found on the UL website.