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AD HOC (Association for the Discussion of the History Of Chemistry) is a group dedicated to history of chemistry. While our main focus is historical, we also consider the philosophical, sociological, public and educational dimensions of chemistry. This term's theme is 'Order in Chemistry'. The group meets on Mondays at 5pm in Seminar Room 1. Coordinated by Karoliina Pulkkinen.

Michaelmas Term 2017

25 September Klaus Ruthenberg (Coburg University of Applied Sciences)
The history of the glass electrode for pH measurement
2 October Alex Mankoo (UCL)
Ordering public bodies in wartime through chemical control: gas tests in WWII Britain
23 October Cancelled
30 October Stephen Irish
The corundum stone and crystallographic chemistry
6 November Konstantin Kiprijanov (University of Leeds)
Challenging chemical chaos during the Cold War: the case of the BelousovZhabotinsky reaction
13 November Jean-Pierre Llored (Visiting Scholar, Linacre College, Oxford; Associate Researcher, Laboratory SPHERE, Paris 7 University)
How do chemists order their knowledge and know-how?