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AD HOC (Association for the Discussion of the History of Chemistry) is a group dedicated to history of chemistry. While our main focus is historical, we also consider the philosophical, sociological, public and educational dimensions of chemistry. The group meets on Mondays at 5pm in Seminar Room 1. Coordinated by Karoliina Pulkkinen.

Lent Term 2018

22 January Chris Campbell (UCL)
Josiah Cooke and Charles Peirce: North American chemists in search of orderliness
5 February Frank James (UCL; The Royal Institution)
Humphry Davy's mineral collecting for the early Royal Institution
19 February Carolyn Cobbold (Clare Hall, Cambridge)
The wonders of coal tar: when chemistry became a nineteenth-century media sensation
5 March Vanessa Seifert (University of Bristol)
The integration of history and the philosophy of chemistry: how historical evidence can be used in support of a unificatory understanding of the relation of chemistry and physics
Venue: Newnham Terrace 1, Darwin College