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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


We meet on Wednesdays at 12noon in the Board Room. Organised by Cristian Larroulet Philippi and Ahmad Elabbar.

Easter Term 2022

Part I: Taking stock

Week 1, 4 May
Biddle, J. (2013). 'State of the field: Transient underdetermination and values in science'. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 44(1), 124–133.

Week 2, 11 May
Anderson, E. (1995). 'Knowledge, human interests, and objectivity in feminist epistemology'. Philosophical Topics, 23(2), 27–58.

Part II: Values in measurement

Week 3, 18 May
Murray, C. J. L., & Schroeder, S. A. (2020). 'Ethical Dimensions of the Global Burden of Disease'. In N. Eyal, S. A. Hurst, C. J. L. Murray, S. A. Schroeder, & D. Wikler (Eds.), Measuring the Global Burden of Disease (pp. 24–48). Oxford University Press.

Week 4, 25 May
Alexandrova, A., & Fabian, M. (2022). 'Democratising Measurement: or Why Thick Concepts Call for Coproduction'. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 12(1), 7.

Part III: Political philosophy and values in science: democracy and justice

Week 5, 1 June
Elabbar, A. (in preparation). 'Varying evidential standards as a matter of justice'. [Draft to be circulated in advance.]

Week 6, 8 June
Lusk, G. (2021). 'Does democracy require value-neutral science? Analyzing the legitimacy of scientific information in the political sphere'. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 90, 102–110.

Part IV: Old debates, new beginnings  

Week 7, 15 June
Ward, Z. B. (2020). 'On value-laden science'. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A.

Week 8, 22 June
Koskinen, I. (2020). 'Defending a Risk Account of Scientific Objectivity'. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 71(4), 1187–1207.