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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Pragmatism Reading Group is held on Mondays at 11am–12noon online. Organised by Miguel Ohnesorge (mo459) and Oscar Westerblad (ow259).

Lent Term 2022
Friends of Pragmatism in Philosophy of Science

Week 1: 24 January

Woodward, J. (forthcoming) 'Sketch of some themes for a pragmatist philosophy of science.' Preprint available on PhilSci Archive.

Week 2: 31 January

Torretti, R. (2000). '"Scientific realism" and scientific practice'. In E. Agazzi & M. Pauri (Eds.), The Reality of the Unobservable, Springer: 113–122. (PDF will be circulated.)

Week 3: 7 February

Mitchell, S. (2000). 'Dimensions of Scientific Law', Philosophy of Science, 67 (2): 242–265.

Week 4: 14 February

Grene, M. (1966/1974). 'Kant: The Knower as an Agent', ch. 5 of The Knower and the Known, University of California Press, 120–156. (Scan will be provided.)

Week 5: 21 February

Teller, P. (2021). 'Making Worlds with Symbols', Synthese, 198: 5015–5036.

Week 6: 28 February

Wilson, M. (1982). 'Predicate Meets Property', The Philosophical Review, 91 (4): 549–589.

Week 7: 7 March

Stokhof, M. (2019). 'Can Natural Language be Captured in a Formal System?', in Kjeldahl, E. M. (ed.) Introduction to Formal Philosophy, Springer: 273–288.

Week 8: 14 March

Hacking, I. 'On Not Being a Pragmatist: Eight Reasons and a Cause', in Misak, C. (ed.) New Pragmatists, Oxford University Press: 32–49. (Scan will be provided.)