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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Pragmatism Reading Group is held on Mondays at 11am–12noon in the Board Room. Damon Kutzin (dtk23), Miguel Ohnesorge (mo459), Helene Scott-Fordsmand (hs747).

Easter Term 2023

In Easter Term, the Pragmatism Reading Group will be focussing on C.S. Peirce's philosophy of science. Starting off with a classic paper outlining basic tenets of his pragmatist philosophy, we continue to look at Peirce's ideas on theory-change, the link between philosophy and scientific practice, probability, statistics and the structure of scientific theories.

PDFs of all readings will be circulated in advance:

8 May: 'How to Make our Ideas Clear'

15 May: 'Notes on the History of Science'

22 May: 'Notes on Scientific Philosophy'

29 May: 'The Doctrine of Chances'

5 June: 'The Probability of Induction'

12 June: 'The Architecture of Scientific Theories'