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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Calculating People is a reading group on history and philosophy of social sciences.

The meetings take place on Tuesdays, 2–3pm UK time on Zoom. Organised by Christopher Clarke and Anna Alexandrova.

All are welcome to join, but participants undertake to read the articles ahead of time.

Easter Term 2021

27 April

Members of the group attend the talk by S. M. Amadae

4 May

Cohen PN. 'How Troubling Is Our Inheritance? A Review of Genetics and Race in the Social Sciences'. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 2015; 661(1):65–84.

11 May

Eronen MI, Bringmann LF. 'The Theory Crisis in Psychology: How to Move Forward'. Perspectives on Psychological Science. January 2021.

18 May

Guala, Francesco. 'Philosophy of Social Science: Naturalism and Anti-Naturalism'. (2015): 1–17.

25 May

Lorraine Greaves, Alison Wylie and the Staff of the Battered Women's Advocacy Centre, 'Women and Violence: Feminist Practice and Quantitative Method', in Sandra Burt and Lorraine Code, eds., Changing Methods: Feminists Transforming Practice, Peterborough, Canada: Broadview Press, 1995, pp. 301–325.

1 June

No meeting

8 June

Frazer, M. (2020). 'Respect for Subjects in the Ethics of Causal and Interpretive Social Explanation'. American Political Science Review, 114(4), 1001–1012.

15 June

Baert, Patrick, Helena Mateus Jerónimo, and Alan Shipman. 'Social Sciences and the Democratic Ideal: From technocracy to dialogue'. In The Social Sciences and Democracy, pp. 17–38. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2009.