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Philosophy and History of Physics Reading Group

This reading group meets on Tuesdays, 4.30pm to 6pm UK time on Zoom. Organised by Jeremy Butterfield, Matt Farr and Bryan Roberts.

Michaelmas Term 2020

This term, we will spend the first five weeks reading Neil Dewar's draft book, Structure and Equivalence, which is about the individuation of (criteria of identity for) physical theories: which has recently been a hot topic in philosophy of physics. The book is pedagogic, with illustrations from Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism. At the first session, Tuesday 13 October, Butterfield will introduce the book, and its issues. In the following four sessions, we will read successively the four parts of the book (each is about 25 pages). From the second session (20 October), we will be joined by Neil Dewar.

Neil Dewar, Structure and Equivalence (whole book draft)

Neil Dewar, Structure and Equivalence (Part I only, especially for 20 October)

After these first five weeks, we plan to read Bryan Roberts' draft book on the philosophy and physics of time-reversal.

Further information and readings