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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


This reading group meets on Tuesdays, 4.30pm to 6pm UK time on Zoom starting on Tuesday 19 January. Organised by Jeremy Butterfield, Matt Farr and Bryan Roberts.

Lent Term 2021

This term, we will alternate draft chapters of Bryan Roberts' Time Reversal book (begun last term) with some readings that are relevant/adjacent to the book chapter themes. For 19 January, we will read Bryan Roberts' book, Chapter 4, on time, symmetry and CPT. On 26 January, we will read A. Caulton, 'The role of symmetry in the interpretation of physical theories' (Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 2015). On 2 February, we will read Bryan Roberts, Chapter 5, on Time Reversal Symmetry Violation. On 9 February, we will read N. Dewar, 'Sophistication about symmetries' (British Journal of Philosophy of Science 2019).

Further information and readings