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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Department provides training in philosophy of science at every level.

Our undergraduate programmes (Part II and Part III) and MPhil courses allow students to specialise in philosophy of science, or to learn some philosophy of science as a complement to studies in science, medicine, or history of science. For more information on courses, see undergraduate study and postgraduate study.

We offer PhD supervision in a wide range of areas in philosophy of science. Interested students should make preliminary inquiries with potential supervisors (see People). See also funding for postgraduate students.

Alumni of MPhil or PhD programmes, now with academic employment

Please contact David Thompson to suggest corrections to this list.

  • Joseph Berkovitz, University of Toronto
  • Jonathan Birch, London School of Economics
  • Alexander Bird, University of Cambridge
  • Angela Breitenbach, University of Cambridge
  • Alex Broadbent, University of Johannesburg
  • Joanna Burch-Brown, University of Bristol
  • Adam Caulton, Oxford University
  • Anjan Chakravartty, University of Miami
  • Yoon Choi, Marquette University
  • Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University
  • Adrian Erasmus, University of Alabama
  • Axel Gelfert, Technical University of Berlin
  • Sacha Golob, King's College London
  • Anandi Hattiangadi, Stockholm University
  • Stephen John, Cambridge
  • Elselijn Kingma, King's College London
  • Katharina Kraus, University of Notre Dame
  • Tim Lewens, Cambridge
  • James McAllister, University of Leiden
  • Emily McTernan, University College London
  • Michael Michael, Yonsei University
  • Sasha Mudd, University of Southampton
  • Katie Robertson, University of Birmingham
  • Arianne Shahvisi, Brighton & Sussex Medical School
  • Jeffrey Skopek, Cambridge
  • Mark Sprevak, University of Edinburgh
  • Kathryn Tabb, Bard College
  • Nicholas Teh, University of Notre Dame
  • Adam Toon, University of Exeter
  • Nick Tosh, NUI Galway
  • Joerg Tuske, Salisbury University
  • Zina Ward, Florida State University
  • Joeri Witteveen, University of Copenhagen
  • Christian Wuthrich, University of Geneva
  • Lena Zuchowski, University of Bristol