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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The aim of this group is to explore and enhance the interface between HPS and science. Although many of us in HPS engage closely with scientists and their practices, we could benefit from more explicit discussions about the relationship between HPS and science itself, and from more opportunities for HPS-scholars and scientists to help each other's work.

We meet on Fridays, 3.30–5.00pm in HPS Seminar Room 1. Further information, any reading materials, and links for online meetings will be distributed through the email list of the group. Please contact Hasok Chang (hc372) or Marta Halina (mh801) if you would like to be included on the list.

Easter Term 2023

28 April

Derek Braverman, Benjamin Chin-Yee, Cameron Dashwood, Arsham Nejad Kourki, Nuno Oliveira, and Mona-Marie Wandrey (Cambridge HPS)
Coming into HPS after full scientific/medical training: a roundtable discussion with current HPS PhD and MPhil students

12 May – on Zoom

Samantha Gallivan (Centre for Performance Science, Imperial College London)
'He's still on tour': global performers 'doing' chemistry in the wet lab

2 June

Shaun Nichols (Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University)
How do the fields of philosophy and psychology inform each other?

9 June

Jeffrey Y. Tsao (Material, Physical and Chemical Sciences Center, Sandia National Laboratories)
The genesis of technoscientific revolutions