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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Dr Salim Al-Gailani
History of medicine and the life sciences since 1800

Dr Lewis Bremner
History of science, technology and medicine since 1900
Part III Manager (Easter Term)

Professor Helen Anne Curry
History of 20th and 21st century science and technology

Dr Matt Farr
Philosophy of science and metaphysics
Part IB Manager

Dr Boris Jardine
Modernism and the sciences; scientific instrumentation; the history of the book

Professor Nick Jardine (Emeritus Professor)
Early-modern cosmology; historiography of the sciences; history of natural history

Dr Sebestian Kroupa
Early modern life sciences and medicine in global contexts

Dr Tom McClelland
Philosophy of cognitive science; artificial intelligence; metaphysics of science

Dr Harriet Mercer
Environmental history; climate history; global history

Dr Dmitriy Myelnikov
History of medicine and the life sciences in the 20th century

Dr Rune Nyrup
Reasoning in science

Dr Edwin Rose
History of natural history; histories of the book

Professor Simon Schaffer (Emeritus Professor)
History of physical science; social history of science

Professor Jim Secord (Emeritus Professor)
Social history of science; life and earth sciences

Dr Andreas Sommer
History of the human sciences and medicine

Professor Liba Taub (Emeritus Professor)
History of scientific instruments, early science and astronomy

Dr Wuyutong Yao (Dora)
History of work; environmental history