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Philosophy of Medicine Reading Group

This reading group is dedicated to new and old problems in philosophy of medicine. All are welcome.

Meetings take place on Tuesdays, 1–2pm, in Seminar Room 1.

Conveners: Tim Lewens, Stephen John, Jacob Stegenga, Anna Alexandrova

Lent Term 2020

21 January

  • De Block, Andreas & Adriaens, Pieter. 2013. 'Pathologizing Sexual Deviance: A History' Journal of Sex Research 50(3-4): 276–298.

Presenter: TBC

28 January

  • Kleinplatz, Peggy. 2018. 'History of the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction(s)' Annual Review of Clinical Psychology 14: 29–54.

Presenter: TBC

4 February

  • Bueter, Anke and Jukola, Saana. Forthcoming. 'Sex, Drugs, and How to Deal with Criticism' in Uncertainty in Pharmacology (Osimani and La Caze, Eds.)

Presenter: TBC

11 February

  • Taylor, Chloë. 2015. 'Female Sexual Dysfunction, Feminist Sexology, and the Psychiatry of the Normal.' Feminist Studies, 41(2), 259–292.

Presenter: TBC

18 February

  • Mamo, Laura and Epstein, Steven. 2014. 'The Pharmaceuticalization of Sexual Risk: Vaccine Development and the New Politics of Cancer Prevention' Social Science and Medicine 101: 155–165.

Presenter: TBC

25 February

Presenter: Anna Alexandrova

3 March

  • Lloyd, Elisabeth. 1993. 'Pre-Theoretical Assumptions in Evolutionary Explanations of Female Sexuality' Philosophical Studies 69: 139–153.
  • Meynell, Letitia. 'Review of The Case of the Female Orgasm.' Hypatia 22(3): 218–222.

Presenter: Miriam Solomon

10 March

  • Tuana, Nancy. 2004. 'Coming to Understand: Orgasm and the Epistemology of Ignorance' Hypatia 19(1): 194–232.

Presenter: TBC