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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


If you give lectures in the Department you should participate in the lecturing buddies scheme.

  1. Find a buddy as soon as possible and let Tamara (th10001) know who that person is. To make the buddy system more effective, less experienced people should try to pair up with more experienced people.
  2. Attend at least one of your buddy's lectures and your buddy does the same for you.
  3. Meet with your buddy to discuss how to make your lecturing even better. Frankness is to be encouraged. Buddies must provide feedback on at least three good points and three points which could be improved upon.
  4. Please send Tamara an email once you have met – she doesn't need any more information that that.

Listening to your own lecture can be a very effective way to improve your delivery. We have a recoding device you can borrow if you want to record your lectures. Recordings can be uploaded to Moodle for students to access or you can just keep them for your own use.