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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


IT facilities in and around the Department

Whipple Library

There are eight PCs in the Whipple Library, including three with full access to Microsoft Office software and one non-print legal deposit terminal. The Library has a multi-function device for printing, scanning and photocopying (in black & white and colour).

Coffee Room

The students' coffee room, on the top floor of the Department, has several computers, a printer and a scanner.

Graduate IT Suite and the Mond Room

These facilities are provided by the Department for graduate students who have registered to use them. There is a small annual fee. Registration forms are available from the Department office.

Phoenix Rooms

Situated at the back of the Department, the Phoenix Rooms are operated by University Information Services as part of the Managed Cluster Service. They are open to all students when not being used for teaching. The rooms have facilities for printing and scanning.

Wireless network access

The University's wireless network is available in the Whipple Library, the Coffee Room and most other parts of the Department.

Computing advice

Backup, backup, backup – we can't say it often enough. Keep copies of all your precious documents on more than one USB stick, external hard drive or other storage media, and keep them in more than one location. In addition, you may want to use an online file storage system, such as DS-Files or OneDrive.

Take precautions against viruses, but don't become obsessive about them. There are some nasty viruses out there, but there are also many timewasting hoaxes. See the University's malware information page for information on how to avoid becoming infected, what to do if you are, and advice on hoaxes.

For plenty more advice and information on using IT resources, including details of training courses, go to the IT help & support website.