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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student


Supervisor: Anna Alexandrova

Thesis: "Real Patterns in Economics"

I work on conceptual issues in economics. Broadly, my motivating question is "in what way, if at all, does contemporary economics describe reality?". I'm trying to answer this by reference to a longstanding view on economics' subject matter, originating from Lionel Robbins, as well as contemporary literature in the philosophy of science on "Real Patterns". My research touches on many different topics and controversies, from methodological disputes in econometrics to philosophical accounts of causal explanation.

Talks: Philosophy of Science Association Biennal Conference 2021: "Theory or Design? What structural vs experimental econometrics is really about." November 2021. (Paper draft available on request)

Previous education: MA Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics (University of Bristol 2016–2017), BA Philosophy (University of East Anglia 2012–2015)

Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Social Science
Philosophy of Economics
Methodology of Economics
History of Economic Thought
Isaac Kean HPS Cambridge

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