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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


*Will be starting RCC Landhaus Fellowship in October, 2024*

PhD student

College: Churchill

Supervisor: Prof. Helen Anne Curry & Prof. Richard Staley

Thesis topic: Knowledge making practices and scientific expertise in militarised rural environments.

Thesis title: Flanks, Fringes, Fields, & Gaps: The Militarisation of the Scottish Hebrides

Research interests: Global environmental histories; military history; modern warfare; surveillance; militarised visual culture; militarisation and militarism; histories of conservation and environmentalism; histories and politics of environmental management; agricultural history; ethics and governance of global supply chains; folklore and folk epistemology; archival genres; Gaelic poetry; nonsecular Anthropocene; biotechnologies and biosciences; ecology; governance of global supply chains; imperial histories; archipelagic thinking; the edges of the Atlantic Ocean.

Funding: Gates Scholar & part of Wellcome Trust funded research project 'From Collection to Cultivation'.



I have offered undergraduate supervisions for the following papers:

  • HPS Part II Paper 3: Modern Medicine and Life Sciences
  • HPS Part II Paper 2: Sciences and Empires – Sciences of Territory and Population / Anthropologies
  • HPS Part II Paper 2: Sciences and Empires – Science, State and Society in South Asia
  • HPS Part II Paper 6: Ethics and Politics of Science, Technology and Medicine (Science and Activism)
  • HPS Part II Paper 6: Ethics and Politics of Science, Technology and Medicine (Sociology of Scientific Knowledge)
  • HSPS Tripos Part 1: Introduction to Sociology - Modern Societies I (SOC1)



  • CRASSH Research Network Military Surplus convenor
  • Decolonise HPS Working Group member
  • Feminist HPS Reading Group (2021-) founder and convenor 
  • Learning for Purpose co-director, Gates Cambridge
  • HPS workshop co-organiser, HPS Cambridge


Peer-Reviewed Publications


Key publications

Draft. “Dirty Earth, Dark Harvest — The Militarisation of Hebridean Soil” in Breithoff, Esther, Layla Renshaw, and Matthew Leonard (eds.), (Post)conflict ecologies: rethinking the afterlives of conflict and violence  in more-than-human worlds, London, UK: UCL Press. [Pre-review]

Draft. “Will-o’-the-wisps and missile plumes” in Chao, Sophie, Christine Winters, and David Schlosberg (eds.), Beyond Bios, Durham, NC: Duke University Press. [Pre-review]

"Spectral Sonics: Field Recordings from an Extractive Zone." American Anthropologist, Special Issue/Multimodal Anthropologies Section, Final Review. 

"Properties of War: The Militarisation of Housing Policy and Urban Planning in Contemporary Azerbaijan" in Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience, 2023, Vol 9, Issue 1, pp. 1-24. 

“Multispecies Mediations: Boundaries of Life in the Extractive Zone", in Kirksey, Eben, Karin Bolender, and Sophie Chao (eds.), The Promise of Multispecies Justice, Durham, NC: Duke University Press (2022).

"Phenotypic Personhood: Epigenetics and the Biolegality of Processing Asylum" in Biolegalities: Brave New Law (2020). 

"Roundtable Review: Jasbir K. Puar, The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability" in Somatechnics, 2019, Vol 9, Issue 2-3, pp. 376-500. 


Other publications

2023. “The Militarization of Housing Policy in Contemporary Azerbaijan.” Progressive International: The Internationalist Newsletter, Issue 37. 
2021. “Book Review: What Comes after Entanglement? Activism, Anthropocentrism, and an Ethics of Exclusion.” Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience. Forthcoming.  
2021. "Comrades & Companions." Interactive e-book (self-published). 25 May.
2020. “Emergent Practice for Urgent times.” Reflection. Sydney Environment Institute. 24 August. Available online.
2020. "Trickster’s Plant." Blog Post. Urban Field Naturalist. 20 August. Available online.
2020. "A Breath, Shared Between Two." Blog Post. Urban Field Naturalist. 22 August. Available online.


Selected Conference/Invited Presentations

2024. FieldARTS 2024 research residency (participant)
2024. "Theorising futurity from the fringes." The European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), Barcelona (*also panel co-organiser).
2024. "The Folly and the Spaceport." EASST/4S, Amsterdam. 
2024. “Dirty Earth, Dark Harvest — The wartime weaponisation of Hebridean soil.” Session: War and the Earth. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Honolulu, Hawai’i. 
2023. “Militarised Pastoral.” Military Surplus Seminar Series. CRASSH, University of Cambridge.
2023. “Hum of a Warring Sea — Sonic (De)militarisation in the Scottish North.” Big Data Lives Symposium: Sensing Technologies — Imaginaries, Futurities, Practices of Control and Care, Universität Bern. Bern, Switzerland
2023. "Warring Waves: on the sonic (de)militarisation of the Hebrides." Beyond Bios Symposium, University of Sydney/Sydney Environmental Institute. Sydney, Australia
2023. "Missile Harvest: From Machair to Military Proving Ground." (Post)conflict ecologies: rethinking the afterlives of conflict and violence in more-than-human worlds workshop. Birkbeck University. London, United Kingdom. 
2023. "Crude sonics: field recordings from an extractive zone". Departmental Seminar. School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. University of Oxford. 
2023. "Dietary Decline: Key Ingredients in the Depopulation of St. Kilda." Cambridge Global Food Security seminar. University of Cambridge.
2022. "Seeds in the Aftermath" (Collection to Cultivation I: Seeds and Sovereignty). The Agricultural History Society. Stavanger, Norway.
2022. " The Virile Crescent: Pure Seeds, Demonstration Farms, and the British Mandate's Vision to Re-Engineer Iraq." The British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference. Queen's University of Belfast. 
2022. "Turning Soldiers into Farmers: The Curative Promise of Agriculture." Part of Executive Session 'The political and ecological (dis)orders of war'. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle.
2022. “The Map, The Story, and the Photograph,” The Virtual Otherwise, Society for Cultural Anthropology – Society for Visual Anthropology Biennial Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Virtual. 
2022. "Seeds of War? Agricultural Expertise and the Governance of Militarised Landscapes." Gates Day of Research. University of Cambridge.
2022. "Re-ascriptions - Poetry as Epistemic Justice." 'What Does the Poem Think?' Aesthetics, Poetics and Thought. Graduate Conference. Faculty of English, University of Cambridge
2022. "In the Field? Anthropology in the 21st century." Gates Year of Engagement, Teach-a-Thon. University of Cambridge
2022. "Ghostly Oil: Spectral Storytelling within the Industrial Zone." Graduate Workshop on Environmental Multimodal Methods. UPenn/Harvard. Online. 
2021. “An Extractive Science? Complicated Industries and Crude Natures.” 4S Annual Conference. Panel: Toxic Goodness - Harmful Legacies, Hopeful Futures. Online.
2021. “Wet Air: Living within an Atmosphere of Extraction.” 4S Annual Conference. Panel: Diseased Landscapes - Health and Illness in Territories of Extraction. Online.
2021. “Multispecies Mediations in a Post-Extractive Zone (ft. discussion with Carla Freccero).” Multispecies Justice Events. Online. 
2021. “Drilling for a Theory: Epistemic Extraction in the Oilfields of Baku.” EnviroLab Graduate Conference (Conference Panel: ‘Patchy’ Places and Ecologies of Capitalism). University of Pennsylvania. Online.
2020. “Boundary Lines in Entangled Worlds: Fieldwork Reflections.” Gender and Cultural Studies Work-in-Progress Presentation. Online.
2020. “Post-Extractive Dreams: Reimagining Nature in the Industrial Zones of Baku.” University of Sydney SSPS HDR Event. Online.
2020. “Multispecies Mediations: Boundaries of Life in the Post-Extractive Zone.” Multispecies Justice Collective. Online. 
2020. “Pipeline Watermelons: The Convergence of Petrochemical and Agricultural Technologies in Azerbaijan.” Imperial Terroir Conference/Workshop. Melbourne.
2019. “De(naturalising) the Sovereign: The Multispecies Allies and Enemies of the Azerbaijani Nation-State.” Everyday Militarism Symposium. Sydney. 
2018. “Apocalyptic Ableism: Troubling the Discourse of Preparedness and Proactivity within Disability-Inclusive Emergency Responses.” The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference. Melbourne.
2018. “Bio-Polygraphs, Nonconsensual Data, and the Suspicious Body of the Unaccompanied Minor.” 4S Sydney TRANSnational STS Conference. Sydney. 
2018. “Inside the Storm, Outside the Law: Extrajudicial Emergency Responses and the Withdrawal of Disabled Rights in the Era of Climate Change.” Narratives of Climate Change Symposium. Newcastle, Australia
2018. “Viral Posts, Viral Fears: A Biopolitical Analysis of the 'European Migrant Crisis' through Hungarian Social Media Content.” Nations in Cyberspace Conference. Budapest, Hungary. 
2018. “Weathering powers, weathered bodies: an examination of disability and ecological ableism in the era of climate change.” Australian Anthropological Society Conference. Adelaide, Australia. 
2017. “Like That Neoprene, Thick and Pliable:  Rewriting Neuropathic Pain Scales and Verbal Descriptors through the Genre of Pain Memoirs.” Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science Conference. Sydney.
2017. “Off-Tempo, On Duty: Crip Work, Non-Compliant Temporalities, and the Challenge of a Chrononormative NDIS.” Law, Literature & the Humanities Association of Australasia Conference. Melbourne.
2017. “Safety in Numbers? Algorithmic Feminism and the Use of Gender (Big) Data for Women's Health and Wellbeing.” UTS Feminists at Law - Revisiting Identity Symposium. Sydney. 



  • Landhaus Fellowship, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

  • Research Fellow, Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine

  • Knowledge Management Fellow, The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)

  • Academic Merit Prize, University of Sydney (2018)

  • Raewyn Connell Prize in Sociology Theory, University of Sydney (2018)

  • University of Sydney Qualitative Methods Prize, University of Sydney (2017)

  • Award for Academic Excellence, University of Sydney (2013)


Fieldwork Experience

- Outer Hebrides, Scotland 

- Baku, Azerbaijan 

- Žitný ostrov/Csallóköz, Slovakia

- Regional New South Wales, Australia 


Contact Details

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