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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student 

College: St John's

Supervisor: Jacob Stegenga

Thesis topic: A crisis without replication: Replication, the current crisis in psychology, and the Open Science movement investigated using insights from metascience

Email address: slbc2 [at]



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Recent & Upcoming Talks and Presentations

The Psychologist’s Green Thumb: PSA 2022 (Conference Presentation; November 2022)

Is the term “Questionable Research Practices” questionable?: European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2022 Annual Conference (Conference Presentation; September 2022)

Reframing the Replication Crisis as a Crisis of Inference: PSA 2021 (Poster; November 2021), 10th Annual BITSS meeting (Conference Presentation; February 2022), BSPS 2022 Annual Conference (Conference Presentation; July 2022); 4th Conference of the German Society for Philosophy of Science (Conference Presentation; August 2022)

Gaps and Opportunities in Methodological Reform: Perspectives on Scientific Error Workshop, Lorentz Centre, Leiden (Invited Junior Keynote; August 2021)