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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Difficulties can usually be resolved informally. Students who have a complaint about supervision or any other aspect of teaching should do the following:

  1. Speak to your Director of Studies/College Graduate Tutor or the course manager.
  2. Approach one of the Department's Dignity Officers (Richard Staley or Liba Taub).

Student complaints procedure

In this department, the Senior Examiners act also as 'Responsible Officers' and will respond to any complaints at local level.

If the problem cannot be resolved, you should then follow the University's complaints procedure.

Student complaints procedure

Examination reviews

If you believe something has gone wrong during the examination process, you should follow the University's exam review procedure.

Examination reviews

We take the marking of exams very seriously and therefore errors in the calculation of exam results are very rare. However, if you believe your exam result is not correct, you may request a marks review.

If you request a review the Senior Examiner for your course will check that no errors or omissions were made during the marking process and that all the marks awarded have been correctly calculated and transferred to the final markbook.

Applying for a marks review

To apply for a marks review you must complete the exam mark check form. You should submit it to the HPS Director of Studies at your College, who will send it to the Department. This must be done within ten working days of the date that your marks were released.

Exam mark check form

Independent advice

The Student Advice Service provides confidential, impartial and independent advice to students about academic-related issues and other matters.

Student Advice Service