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Cabinet of Natural History

This research seminar is concerned with all aspects of the history of natural history and the field and environmental sciences. The regular programme of papers and discussions takes place over lunch on Mondays. In addition, the Cabinet organises a beginning-of-year fungus hunt and occasional expeditions to sites of historical and natural historical interest, and holds an end-of-year garden party.

Seminars are held on Mondays at 1pm in Seminar Room 1, with the exception of the special lecture-demonstration held on Thursday 19 October at 11am – 12.30pm in the New Gallery, Whipple Museum. You are welcome to bring your lunch with you to the Monday seminars.

Organised by Sebestian Kroupa (sk796).

Michaelmas Term 2017

Show abstracts

9 October Nicholas Thomas (Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, Cambridge)
On Tupaia Street: the travels of artefacts from Cook's first voyage
16 October Lachlan Fleetwood (History, Cambridge)
'The motion of the blood is in fact a sort of living barometer': altitude sickness, poisonous plants and instrumentalised bodies in the Himalaya, 1800–1850
Thu 19 October
11am – 12.30pm
Special lecture-demonstration co-organised with the Whipple Museum and Whipple Library
Brian J. Ford
Complex constructs from the simple microscope
This extended session includes demonstration from the speaker.
23 October Annual Fungus Hunt
30 October Andrew Lacey (Making & Knowing Project, Columbia University)
Experimental reconstruction of the bronze life-cast lizard of the Renaissance
6 November Catarina Madruga (Universidade de Lisboa)
What's in a name? Negotiations of credibility and authority in the naming of the giant otter shrew (Potamogale velox)
13 November Jenny Bulstrode (HPS, Cambridge)
Iron holds the whale
20 November Alex Aylward (University of Leeds)
From natural histories to man-made futures: the origins and ends of R.A. Fisher's Darwinism
27 November Katalin Pataki (Central European University, Budapest)
A silent servant of natural knowledge: the herbarium of 'The Flying Monk' Brother Cyprian