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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Please take care when using social media.

The University respects privacy and is committed to the principle of freedom of speech and expression. It understands that staff and students may use social media accounts in their private lives. However care must be taken particularly with regards personal communications that may have a negative impact on the institution's professional standards and/or reputation.

All social media communications that might affect the University's reputation, whether made either in a private or professional capacity, should be thought through carefully. If you or the content that you post links you to the University, expect that it could be re-published by the national or international press and, by proxy, attributed to the University.

Professional communications are those posted through an institutional account.

Personal communications are those made via a private social media account. Where a private account clearly identifies the University of Cambridge as your employer it must be made clear that you are not communicating on behalf of the University by using an appropriate disclaimer, such as:

'The views expressed here are my own and in no way reflect the views of the University of Cambridge.'

Private communications that do not refer to the University (either implicitly or explicitly) are outside the scope of this guidance.

For full guidance see:

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