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News and Events

Student prizes

June 2017

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's student prizes.


Cabinet Garden Party

June 2017

The Cabinet of Natural History held a garden party at Finella on 16 June.



Cabinet trip

May 2017

The Cabinet of Natural History visited the Natural History Museum in London on 30 May.



Fungus Hunt

October 2016

Nick Jardine reports on the variety of species found during the Cabinet of Natural History Fungus Hunt.

Photos and report

Harry Reasoner introduces the 60 Minutes program featuring 'Patient Zero' and the American AIDS crisis, broadcast on CBS in November 1987

Research reveals accidental making of 'Patient Zero' myth during 1980s AIDS crisis

October 2016

A combination of historical and genetic research reveals the error and hype that led to the coining of the term 'Patient Zero' and the blaming of one man for the spread of HIV across North America.



Mary Hesse

October 2016

The distinguished philosopher of science Professor Mary Hesse died on 2 October 2016.


Anatomical image

Lines of Thought: understanding anatomy

September 2016

A hand-coloured copy of Vesalius' Epitome – one of the most influential works in western medicine – and the first written record of a dissection carried out in England are among the objects in the latest film celebrating Lines of Thought at Cambridge University Library.

Article and video

Haeckel's Embryos cover image

Haeckel's Embryos highly commended for 2016 DeLong Book History Prize

July 2016

Nick Hopwood's book Haeckel's Embryos: Images, Evolution and Fraud has been highly commended for the 2016 DeLong Book History Prize, awarded by the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing.


Charles Darwin

Lines of Thought: from Darwin to DNA

July 2016

Darwin's stuffed pigeons, the letter which first coined the term 'genetics' and a paper by Crick and Watson which helped decode DNA all feature in the latest film to celebrate Cambridge University Library's 600th anniversary.

Article and video

Angels have the phone box. Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Why be human when you can be otherkin?

July 2016

In an essay looking at the groups that exist on the edge of conventional boundaries, and are often subject to prurience and ridicule, Pedro Feijó considers those who feel different, other than human.



The flower breeders who sold X-ray lilies and atomic marigolds

May 2016

Helen Anne Curry discusses the history of our fascination with floral novelties.


The 'empericum that never fails' in the margin of the Compendium of Gilbertus Anglicus. By permission of the Master and Fellows of Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Remedies for infertility: how performative rituals entered early medical literature

January 2016

A study of one of the most important medieval texts devoted to women's medicine has opened a window into the many rituals associated with conception and childbirth.


Nikolaus and Krampus in Austria (Wikimedia Commons)

Frankenstein or Krampus? What our monsters say about us

December 2015

Natalie Lawrence discusses the history of monsters and what they say about the people who invent them.



John Forrester

November 2015

Professor John Forrester, the distinguished historian of psychoanalysis and former Head of Department, died on 24 November 2015.


The European in India, 1813 by Charles D'Oyly (Bridgeman Images)

A world of science

October 2015

The history of science has been centred for too long on the West, say Simon Schaffer and Sujit Sivasundaram. It's time to think global.