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Subject areas

Your Research Paper, Critical Literature Review and Dissertation must each be on a topic approved by the HPS Board. They should each fall into one of the following specified subject areas. You are encouraged to explore a range of different subjects. In particular, your Research Paper and your Dissertation should be in different subject areas.

Part III subject areaRelevant Part II papers
1. Ancient, medieval and early modern sciences Papers 1 and 2
2. Ancient, medieval and early modern medicine Paper 1
3. Sciences in the age of empire, c. 1750–1900 Paper 3
4. Modern medicine and biomedical sciences Papers 3 and 4
5. Modern sciences Paper 4
6. Metaphysics, epistemology and the sciences Paper 5
7. Ethics and politics of medicine and the sciences Paper 6
8. Philosophy of the physical sciences Paper 5
9. Philosophy of biology and the life sciences Paper 5
10. Philosophy of social and cognitive sciences Papers 5 and 6