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The information below gives an overview of some of the key services available to you as a student, including a non-exhaustive summary of what they offer. For more information on all of these services, see the relevant website.

The Student Wellbeing website is a good source of general information on all areas of wellbeing.

Careers Service

The Careers Service is available to all current students and alumni (as well as current staff). Students can access the service at any time during or after their course.


Disability Resource Centre

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) supports all current disabled students. Currently around 15% of the student population has disclosed a disability, including specific learning difficulties (SpLD), physical or mobility impairments, sensory impairments, mental health conditions, autistic spectrum conditions, and long-standing illnesses or health conditions. Students do not need to disclose a disability in order to approach the DRC, but if support is required disclosure is normally necessary.

What they can help with

Student Counselling Service

The Counselling Service is available to all students* and offers a variety of support for personal, relationship and academic-related problems. Waiting times vary over the course of the year.


  • Self-help resources and signposting.
  • Group support: one-off workshops, groups focusing on specific issues over 4–6 weeks, and longer-term counselling groups.
  • A sexual assault and harassment advisor who can provide emotional and practical support to anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or assault, recently or in the past and regardless of whether the experience happened within the University.
  • Mental health advisors: support for students experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties, including mental health assessments and crisis intervention. Students must be referred by a College nurse, chaplain or tutor.
  • College-based counselling at some Colleges (NB: some Colleges employ counsellors independently from the Counselling Service).

* Intermitting students may be offered a limited service or advised to contact their GP.

Students' unions: CUSU and GU

The Cambridge University Students' Union and Graduate Union aim to represent the interests of all undergraduate and postgraduate students. Postgraduate students can access both the CUSU and GU.


Main image: The Student Services Centre on the New Museums Site