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Part IB assessment

The Committee of Management of the Natural Sciences Tripos has decided to cancel all Part IA and IB examinations. Therefore, HPS Part IB examinations will be cancelled too. However, planned lectures and supervisions will continue online in Easter Term.

We will follow the general NST line of offering an opportunity for formative assessment to students, which enables them to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the year. Students who want to benefit from formative assessment can work on an essay in History of Science chosen from two general questions, and an essay in Philosophy of Science chosen from two general questions. Each essay will have a maximum limit of 3,000 words. Students can get feedback on drafts from their supervisors prior to submission. The essays will be examined and will receive a mark, but this mark will not enter their official transcript.

Question papers are now available on the Moodle site HPS Part IB Online Submission, which is also where the finished essays should be uploaded. The deadline is 12noon BST on Monday 1 June 2020.

If you have any questions please contact the course manager for HPS Part IB, Simon Schaffer.