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Wednesday 20 January 2021, 15:00–17:00 GMT

Co-facilitated by: Prof. Ezekiel Dixon-Román (University of Pennsylvania), Mx. Maya Malik (PhD Student, McGill University School of Social Work), Dr. Momin M. Malik (independent)

Summary: This meeting blends a Methods and Critical Issues Training with a Community Research Seminar. We invite three original scholars to share their perspectives on the intersections between critical theory and quantification, a nexus that the HoAI community returns to often in relation to historical foci. Attention here tempts reflection on how social policy and technical protocols entangle to rehearse certain visions of humanness and of the body, visions that reflexively encode notions of power, inclusion, peace, or inequality, often at the expense of alternative futures. What these speakers have in common is a committed interest in the articulation and practice of alternative visions, such as modes of knowledge production that preserve collective agency and critique disingenuous rhetoric.

Resource for everything community and CBPR

Facilitator tool kits

  • Liberating structures (great guide for power sharing/shared decision making activities based on group size)

Shared decision making with data resources

Research as a tool of social justice

Available here

  • Urban Institute Resource on Data Walks
  • Shared Decision Making with Communities from consultants MBA
  • Transgender Europe Facilitator Toolkit (great guide for activities and techniques)
  • Department of Environmental Protection, Water and Rivers Commission Department of Conservation and Land Management Facilitation Toolkit
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison facilitator toolkit: a guide for helping groups get results