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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Dear Students, Staff, and Friends of Cambridge HPS Past and Present,

I wanted to let everyone in the HPS community know that Tamara Hug, our much-loved Departmental Administrator, will have her last day at work in the Department on 31 March. After 33 years of service, she will be taking richly deserved retirement to spend more time with her fabulous menagerie.

Tamara first started working for the University in 1988. She took up the role of Departmental Administrator in 1997, and even before that she had worked in HPS as Administrator of the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine. Tamara's combination of exceptional administrative skill, and deep commitment to what we do in HPS, have assured the health, growth and vibrancy of the department, the library, and the museum over a quarter of a century.

In short, Tamara has made the department what it is – a thriving centre of teaching and research, and a thoroughly rewarding place to work. Her departure is a moment of huge significance for us, and we wanted to mark it in a couple of ways.

First, in acknowledgement of the crucial role played by of our professional services staff – whose absolutely essential work has been led by, and exemplified by, Tamara – we have decided to set up the Tamara Hug Fund. This fund will be used for recognition and reward of the professional services staff in HPS. This is in lieu of a more traditional leaving gift, and Tamara has let us know that it's what she wants by way of a lasting tribute. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to contribute to visit this site, where a donation to the fund can be made:

Give to the Tamara Hug Fund

Second, we have set up an online leaving card – contact Louisa Russell <lar45> for the link. You can leave a message to wish Tamara well, and you can also share memories of departmental life in the Hug era, and post any photos. We've got the ball rolling already with a few pictures from recent years. Please sign this by 30 March.

Personally, I have a huge amount to be grateful to Tamara for. She has helped me every step of the way since I started as a PhD student in 1998. I know that similar things are true of so many others who have studied and worked in HPS, and I'm sure you will all want to wish Tamara the very best for the next phase.

With warmest greetings,

Tim Lewens
Head of Department
Professor of Philosophy of Science