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Twentieth Century Reading Group

The group discusses books and papers relating to the history and historiography of 20th-century science, technology and medicine, broadly construed. We normally meet on Thursdays, 1pm to 2pm in the Board Room, but please note the different arrangements in Easter Term. Organised by Andrew Buskell and Richard Staley.

Everyone is welcome – feel free to bring along your lunch.

Easter Term 2019

This term the Twentieth Century Reading Group continues its investigation of the ontological turn.

Readings are available electronically through the University Library; please contact Andrew Buskell (ab2086) or Richard Staley (raws1) if you are unable to access them.

Thursday 25 April
The Ontological Turn IV: Annamarie Mol and Ontological Politics

1–2pm in the Board Room

Key readings:

  • Annemarie Mol. 1999. 'Ontological politics. A word and some questions.' The Sociological Review, 47(S1), 74–89.
  • Annemarie Mol. 2002. The Body Multiple. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Ch. 3 'Coordination', pp. 53–85.

Friday 3 May
The Ontological Turn V: Critiques of the Turn

12–1pm in Seminar Room 1 (note unusual time and place)

Key readings:

  • David Greaber. 2015. 'Radical alterity is just another way of saying "reality": A reply to Eduardo Viveiros de Castro.' HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 5(2): 1–41.
  • Lucas Bessire and David Bond. 2014. 'Ontological anthropology and the deference of critique.' American Ethnologist, 41(3): 440–456.