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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Science Communication Reading Group will examine the intersection between issues in HPS and science communication, looking at themes including the history and sociology of science communication, the recent emergence of the 'science' of science communication, and various moral and ethical issues brought about by the complex relationship between science, scientists and society.

Meetings are held fortnightly on Mondays, 4–5pm on Zoom. Organised by James Dolan (jad67). Please email to be added to the mailing list.

Easter and Summer 2022

Over the next few months, we will take a chronological look at some key texts in science communication studies, as identified by Massimiano Bucchi and Brian Trench in their 2016 anthology, The Public Communication of Science (Routledge).

2 May

Leon E. Trachtman (1981). The public understanding of science: a critique, Science, Technology, & Human Value 6:36: 10–15.

16 May

Helga Nowotny (1981). Experts and their expertise: on the changing relationship between experts and their public, Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society, 1:2: 235–241.

30 May

Jon D. Miller (1983). Scientific literacy: a conceptual and empirical review, Daedalus, 112:2: 29–48.

13 June

Stephen Hilgartner (1990). The dominant view of popularization: conceptual problems, political uses, Critical Studies in Media Communication, 7:1: 48–71.

27 June

Steven Shapin (1990). Science and the public, in R.C. Olby et al. (eds), Companion to the History of Modern Science, London: Routledge, pp. 990–1007.

11 July

Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond (1992). About misunderstandings about misunderstandings, Public Understanding of Science, 1:1: 17–21.

25 July

Mike Michael (1992). Lay discourses of science: science-in-general, science-in-particular and self, Science, Technology, & Human Values, 16:1: 111–121.

8 August

Baudouin Jurdant (1993). Popularization of science as the autobiography of science, Public Understanding of Science, 2:4: 365–373.

John Durant (1994). What is scientific literacy?, European Review, 2:1: 83–89.

22 August

Hans Peter Peters (1995). The interaction of journalists and scientific experts: cooperation and conflict between two professional cultures, Media, Culture & Society, 17:1: 31–48.

Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond (1996). The case for science criticism, La pierre de touche: la science a l'epreuve, David Denby (trans.), Paris: Editions Gallimard, pp. 149–164.