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Power and Identity in Philosophy of Science

The Power and Identity group meets every two weeks on Mondays at 2pm on Teams. Organised by Rory Kent (rdk32).

Michaelmas Term 2020

We will discuss the following readings:

19 October

S. M. Campbell and J. A. Stramondo, 'The Complicated Relationship of Disability and Well-Being', Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 27(2), June 2017

2 November

Monica Aufrecht, 'The Context Distinction: Controversies over Feminist Philosophy of Science,' European Journal for Philosophy of Science 1(3), 2011

16 November

George Garvey, 'Is there an Aboriginal Bioethics?', Journal of Medical Ethics 30(6), 2004

30 November

John Harfouch, 'A Subaltern Pain: The Problem of Violence in Philosophy's Pain Discourse', Eidos 3(3), 2019