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Philosophy of Biology Reading Group

The aim of the group is to discuss important, recent ideas in the field of the philosophy of biology, especially ones not under the purview of other reading groups. For Michaelmas 2017, readings have been fashioned primarily around 3–4 different themes including (but not limited to): Populations, Evolutionary Ethics, Evolutionary Contingency, and Cultural Evolution. All are welcome. Organised by Azita Chellappoo and William Wong.

We meet on Thursdays, 11am to 12noon, in the Board Room.

Michaelmas Term 2017

26 October

Stegenga, J., 2016. Population Pluralism and Natural Selection. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 67, pp. 1–29.

2 November

Sterner, B., 2017. Individuating population lineages: a new genealogical criterion. Biology and Philosophy, 32(5), pp. 683–703.

9 November

Deem, M., 2016. Dehorning the Darwinian dilemma for normative realism. Biology and Philosophy, 31(5), pp. 727–746.

16 November

Heyes, C., 2017. Enquire Within: Cultural evolution and cognitive science. Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences.

23 November

McConwell, A., & Currie, A., 2017. Gouldian arguments and the sources of contingency. Biology and Philosophy, 32(2), pp. 243–261.

30 November

Burch-Brown, J. & Archer, A., 2017. In defence of biodiversity. Biology and Philosophy. (Available Online)