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Kinds of Intelligence Reading Group

What? A reading group focused on comparative and theoretical issues in the philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, with particular focus on the puzzles, insights, and challenges presented by non-human intelligence.
When? Thursdays, 11am–12.30pm
Where? Upstairs Boardroom, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Convener: Henry Shevlin

Michaelmas Term 2019

PART 1: Methodology and Theory

3 October Miracchi (2019), A competence framework for artificial intelligence research
10 October Brown (2019), Infer with care: a critique of the argument from animals
17 October Figdor (2017), On the proper domain of psychological predicates
24 October Guest: Ali Boyle. The impure phenomenology of episodic memory

PART 2: Scientific Frontiers

31 October Marino and Merskin (2019), Intelligence, complexity, and individuality in sheep
7 November Ha & Schmidhuber (2018), World models
14 November Gagliano (2017), The mind of plants: thinking the unthinkable
21 November Guest: Dan Williams. Socially adaptive belief

PART 3: Ethics, Intelligence, and AI

28 November Haas & Klein (draft), Modeling moral problems
5 December Monsó, Benz-Schwarzburg, & Bremhorst (2018), Animal morality: what it means and why it matters
12 December Tomasik (2014), Ethical issues in artificial reinforcement learning