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Kinds of Intelligence Reading Group

What? A reading group focused on comparative and theoretical issues in the philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, with particular focus on the puzzles, insights, and challenges presented by non-human intelligence.
When? Thursdays, 11am–12.30pm
Where? Upstairs Boardroom (unless otherwise specified), Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Convener: Henry Shevlin

Lent Term 2020

Part 1: Comparative Cognition

9 January Guest: Konstantinos Voudouris. Inside Insight: Against a Thorpean Dogma.
Supplementary reading: Anthropomorphomania and the Rise of the Animal Mind: A Conversation. Barker & Povinelli (2019). Journal of Folklore Research.
16 January No meeting
23 January Guest: Henry Shevlin. Rethinking creative intelligence: comparative psychology and the concept of creativity. (Paper under review).
30 January Guest: Benjamin Farrar. The illusion of science in comparative cognition. Farrar & Ostojic (2019). Psyarxiv.
Change of location: CFI Downstairs Boardroom
6 February Understanding the replication crisis as a base rate fallacy. Bird (forthcoming). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
13 February No meeting

Part 2: Artificial Intelligence

20 February On the measure of intelligence. Chollet (2019). Arxiv.
27 February The rhetoric and reality of anthropomorphism in artificial intelligence. Watson. (2019). Minds & Machines.
5 March Deep learning: a philosophical introduction. Buckner (2019). Philosophy Compass.
12 March Guest: John Zerilli. Algorithmic decision-making and the control problem. Zerilli et al. (2019). Minds & Machines.
19 March Guest: Catherine Stinson. From implausible artificial neurons to idealised cognitive models: Rebooting philosophy of artificial intelligence. Stinson (2019) Philosophy of Science.