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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Kinds of Intelligence Reading Group will be meeting fortnightly on Wednesdays, 3.00–4.30pm on Google Meet. Organised by Ali Boyle (asb69) and Henry Shevlin (hfs35).

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Easter Term 2021

12 May

J. Hernández-Orallo (2020), 'Twenty years beyond the Turing test: Moving beyond the human judges too'. Minds and Machines 30 (4): 533–562.

26 May

W. Bechtel & L. Bich (2021), 'Grounding cognition: Heterarchical control mechanisms in biology'. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 376: 20190751.

9 June

S. Lea et al. (2020), 'Behavioural flexibility: A review, a model and some exploratory tests'. Learning & Behaviour 48, 173–187.

S. Risi & J. Togelius (2020), 'Increasing generality in machine learning through procedural content generation'. Nature Machine Intelligence 2, 428–436.

23 June

M. Del Giudice & B. J. Crespi (2018), 'Basic functional trade-offs in cognition: An integrative framework'. Cognition 179, 56–70.

7 July

T. B. Starzak & R. D. Gray (2021), 'Towards ending the animal cognition war: A three-dimensional model of causal cognition'. Biology & Philosophy 36 (9), 1–24.