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Kinds of Intelligence Reading Group

The Kinds of Intelligence Reading Group meets biweekly on Thursdays during term time from 11am to 12noon in the Board Room. Readings are focused on topics in cognitive science, biology and philosophy of mind, with topics including learning, memory, consciousness and artificial intelligence, understood from an interdisciplinary perspective. Participants from all disciplines are welcome. Organised by Matthew Crosby, Henry Shevlin, Karina Vold, Lucy Cheke and Marta Halina.

Lent Term 2019

24 January

'Designing for motivation, engagement and wellbeing in digital experience' led by Karina Vold

7 February

'Priors in animal and artificial intelligence: where does learning begin?' led by Matthew Crosby

21 February

'What kind of kind is intelligence?' led by Henry Shevlin

7 March

'What can associative learning do for planning?' led by Lucy Cheke