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Graduate Seminars

The Graduate Seminars offer a sustained and systematic introduction to specific cutting-edge areas of research, led by leading experts in those areas.

Aims and Methods of Histories of the Sciences

Nick Jardine, Geoffrey Lloyd, Hasok Chang and Cristina Chimisso; Mondays 11am–12.30pm, weekly from 23 October (6 sessions)

These six graduate seminars will consider aspects of the history, aims, methods and current problems of the history of science.

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Science in Print I: Book Production in the Hand Press Period

Roger Gaskell; Wednesdays 11am–12.30pm, weekly from 8 November (4 sessions), Whipple Old Library, except session 2

Using examples from the Whipple Library's rare book collections, these sessions will explore some bibliographical techniques to identify and describe the structure and production of printed material from the hand press period (16th–18th centuries).

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Casebooks Class

Lauren Kassell; Michaelmas Term (1 session)

Between 1596 and 1634 Simon Forman and Richard Napier recorded 80,000 astrological consultations. This is one of the largest surviving sets of medical records in history. While the majority of the cases are about medical questions, matters of health and well-being, personal affairs, romantic interests, worldly affairs, and the occult sciences are also represented. This is a rich resource for the history of dynamics between patients and practitioners and experiences of illness and healing. The Casebooks Project presents a digital edition of Forman's and Napier's records, an image archive of the original manuscripts, and innovative facilities for searching and sorting the corpus. This class introduces these 400-year-old manuscripts and tutors students in using digital humanities to understand them.

Ideologies of Science

Nick Jardine; Mondays 11am–12.30pm, weekly from 5 February (6 sessions)

These seminars will explore rival conceptions of the nature of science and of the educational, social and political roles of science and scientists.

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Science in Print II: Book Production in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Sarah Bull; Wednesdays 11am–12.30pm, weekly from 21 February (4 sessions), Whipple Old Library

Science in Print continues in the Lent Term with a sub-series of sessions looking at mechanized book production in the 19th and early 20th centuries, with a special focus on the following themes: production, illustration, and distribution.

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