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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Feminist HPS is a meeting place for students and researchers interested in feminist epistemology and methodology within history and philosophy of science. The reading group is open to all. We meet weekly on Friday or Wednesday, 4–5pm (UK time) to discuss chapters or articles. We're currently meeting via Zoom, with access information circulated prior to the sessions via our reading group mailing list. Write to us at to subscribe.

Organised by Zsuzsanna Dominika Ihar.

Easter Term 2022: A Feminist Colloquy

For Easter Term, Feminist HPS will be running a colloquy-style seminar series with a rotating schedule of guest speakers. Talks will be given on an array of different topics which either directly or indirectly relate to feminist epistemology and method – including seed histories, feminist jurisprudence, women workers' education, eco-feminism, the gendered history of librarianship, and more. Each talk will include a ~20-minute open discussion. More information can be found on the Feminist HPS website.

Friday 29 April ...on Seed Care and Vegetal Relations

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) with Dr Katie Dow & Xan Chacko on the feminist agriculture and creative practices of care.

  • Dow, Katie (2021). 'Bloody Marvels: In Situ Seed Saving and Intergenerational Malleability.' Medical Anthropology Quarterly 35 (4): 493–510
  • Chacko, Xan (2019). 'Creative Practices of Care: The Subjectivity, Agency, and Affective Labor of Preparing Seeds for Long‐term Banking.' Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment 41 (2): 97–106.

Wednesday 11 May ...on Seculiarism and Feminism

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) with Dr Victoria Browne on Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist historiography, and the politics of secularism.

  • Browne, Victoria (2019). 'The forgetting of Mary Wollstonecraft's religiosity: teleological secularism within feminist historiography.' Journal of Gender Studies 28 (7): 766–776.

Wednesday 18 May ...on Activist Archives

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) with Prof. Maria Tamboukou on feminist genealogies and archival engagements with women workers' education.

  • Tamboukou, Maria (2020). 'Archives, genealogies and narratives in women workers' education.' Women's History Review 29 (3): 396–412.

Friday 27 May ...on Nature Bordering and 'S/kin'

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) with Dr Olga Cielemecka on feminist environmental thinking, human-vegetal relations, and experimental kinships.

  • Rogowska-Stangret, Monika, and Olga Cielemęcka (2020). 'Traces "we" leave behind: toward the feminist fractice of stig (e) merging.' Ecozon@ 11 (2): 178–186.

Friday 3 June ...on Speculative Jurisprudence

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) on personal identity and institutional feminist politics.
Speaker and prescribed text TBA.

Friday 10 June ...on Open Access and the Gendered History of Librarianship

A virtual conversation (+ Q&A) with Dr Emily Knox on gendered labour, open-access publishing, and emergent digital infrastructures.

  • Hoffman, Anna Lauren, and Raina Bloom (2016). 'Digitizing Books, Obscuring Women's Work: Google Books, Librarians, and Ideologies of Access.' Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology 9.