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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Cambridge Episteme Group is a collaboration across the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and the Faculty of Philosophy aiming to explore contemporary issues in analytic epistemology. The plan of the group is divided into two parts: in Michaelmas the reading group will explore new frames and tools of epistemology, aiming to move beyond typical framing in terms of truth, knowledge, and epistemic norms by exploring the limits of the doxastic, norms of inquiry, and consequentialist accounts of epistemic warrant. In Lent the group will apply these new frames to different topics, like non-propositional knowledge, thought-experiments, imagination, understanding, and so on. Overall, we want to equip philosophers interested in epistemology and philosophy of science with new tools for thinking about epistemic issues and inquiry.

We meet on Thursdays at 1pm in the Board Room, HPS. Organisers: Oscar Westerblad (ow259), Adham El-Shazly (ae497), Pablo Hubacher (ph539).

Michaelmas Term 2022

13 October

Crane, Tim and Katalin Farkas. (forthcoming) 'The Limits of the Doxastic', In Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind 2, Oxford: Oxford University Press: 36–57.

20 October

Flores, Carolina. (2021) 'Epistemic Styles', Philosophical Topics, 49 (2): 35–55.

27 October at 10am

Camp, Elizabeth. (2019) 'Perspectives and Frames in Pursuit of Ultimate Understanding', in Grimm, Stephen (ed.) Varieties of Understanding, Oxford: Oxford University Press: 17–46.

3 November

Friedman, Jane. (2020) 'The Epistemic and the Zetetic', The Philosophical Review, 129 (4): 501–536.

Potential guest, in which case this reading will be pushed to 8 November.

10 November

Steglich-Petersen, Asbjørn. (forthcoming) 'An Instrumentalist Unification of Zetetic and Epistemic Reasons', Analytic Philosophy.

17 November

Berker, Selim. (2013) 'The Rejection of Epistemic Consequentialism', Philosophical Issues, 23: 363–387.

Background: Dunn (2015) 'Epistemic Consequentialism', Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

24 November

Ho, Tsung-Hsing. (2020) 'Are there any epistemic consequentialists?', Episteme, 19 (2): 220–230.

1 December

Aronowitz, Sara. (2021) 'Exploring by Believing', The Philosophical Review, 130 (3): 339–383.