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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student

Thesis topic: The Prospects of Personalised Medicine
Research interests: Philosophy of biology, philosophy of race, and philosophy of medicine



Mncube, Z. (2017). Is Science Racist? [Review of Is Science Racist?, by Jonathan Marks.] International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 31(3): 319-321.

Mncube, Z. (2015). Are Human Races Cladistic Subspecies? South African Journal of Philosophy, 34(2): 163–174.


Selected talks

2018: 'What's Race Got to do with It? On the Use of Racial Categories in Biomedicine'. Presentation at the Philosophy of Biomedical Sciences Session. Philosophy of Science Association 2018 conference. Seattle, WA. United States of America.

2018: 'The Prospects of Personalised Medicine and South Africa'. Presentation at the University of Redlands Philosophy Conference. LA, CA. United States of America.

2017: 'Personalised Medicine: 3 Challenges'. Presentation at the University of Johannesburg Philosophy Colloquium. South Africa.

2016: 'History and Philosophy of Science'. 'Causal Inference: Critical Debates in the Population Health Sciences & Interdisciplinary Perspectives'. Radcliffe Institute workshop, Harvard University. United States of America.

2016: 'Heritability Revisited'. Philosophy of Medicine Symposium. Philosophy of Science Association 2016 conference. United States of America.