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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student and Junior Research Fellow at Gonville & Caius

College: St Edmund's
Supervisor: Anna Alexandrova and Jacob Stegenga. 

Research topics: Measurement, Causation, Values in Science.
Research fields: Philosophy of Social Sciences (including Economics), Philosophy of Medicine, Political Philosophy.

See full CV. (Check out FICICO, a podcast series with interviews about philosophy of science in Spanish.) 

I co-organize a research group about measurement and another one about values in science. Send me an email (cl792) if you are interested in joining! I co-organized the Cambridge Early Career Workshop in the Philosophy of Measurement this last April 2023 and the Measuring the Human Workshop this July 2023.

Note that my surname is 'Larroulet Philippi' (not 'Philippi').


Publications in Philosophy

"Well-Being Measurements and the Linearity Assumption: A Response to Wodak", in Australasian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

"Against Prohibition (Or, When Using Ordinal Scales to Compare Groups is OK)", in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming. [Preprint]

"There is Cause to Randomize", in Philosophy of Science, 2022, Vol 89, Issue 1, pp.152-170.

"On Measurement Scales: Neither Ordinal nor Interval?", in Philosophy of Science, 2021, Vol 88, Issue 5, pp. 929-939.

"Valid for What? On the Very Idea of Unconditional Validity", in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2021, Vol 51, Issue 2, pp. 151-175. [Winner of the Emanuel Miller Prize]

"Well-Ordered Science's Basic Problem", in Philosophy of Science, 2020, Vol 87, Issue 2, pp. 365-375. [Preprint]


Invited Talks

2023: "Is Physical Measurement Relevantly Similar to Psychological Measurement?" Workshop title: Coordination and Validity in Measurement Across Science and Medicine: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives. Max Planck Institute for the History of Science—Berlin/Online.

2023: "Quantifying Human Attributes". University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

2022: "Values and Measurement: Quantifying Human Attributes". Workshop on Democracy and Values in Science. Institute for Future Studies—Stockholm.


Selected Refereed Talks

2022: "Is Measurement in the Human Sciences Doomed? On the Quantity Objection". Measurement at the Crossroads 2022 (Milan) and PSA (Pittsburgh).

2021: "On Measurement Scales: Neither Ordinal nor Interval?". PSA (Baltimore).

2021: Against Prohibition (Or, When Using Ordinal Scales to Compare Groups is OK). EPSA (Turin) and BSPS (Kent).

2021: "When Values in Science are Not an Obstacle but a Solution". ANPOSS/ENPOSS/POSS-RT 2021 Joint Conference (Tokyo, Japan, online).

2020: "Ciencia, política y sociedad en el Sistema de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental en Chile" [in Spanish]. Seminario Interdisciplinar Crítico Latinoamericano (SICLA) (Santiago).

2020: "Valid for What? On the Very Idea of Unconditional Validity". Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable (Atlanta).

2019: "What could Scientific Pluralism be?". APA Central Division Meeting (Denver).

2018: "Well-Ordered Science: Ideals and Procedures". PSA (Seattle).

2018: "What could Scientific Pluralism be?". Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science Annual Conference (Regina). This paper won the Hadden Prize for the best graduate student paper presented.


Other Publications

Gallego, F, C Larroulet Philippi, A Repetto. “What's Behind Her Smile? Health, Looks, and Self-Esteem”. Accepted for publication at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Cuesta, JI, F Gonzalez, and C Larroulet Philippi (2020) "Distorted Quality Signals in School MarketsJournal of Development Economics, Vol 147, 102532.

Gallego, F, L Palomer, C Larroulet Philippi, A Repetto, and Diego Verdugo (2017) "Socioeconomic Inequalities in Self Perceived Oral Health among Adults in Chile" International Journal for Equity in Health, Vol 16, 23.