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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


PhD student

College: St John's

Supervisors: Tim Lewens, Anna Alexandrova

Thesis: Tempering the Ambition of Social Science Genomics: Causation, Explanation, and Evidence for Policy

Research interests: philosophy of social sciences, philosophy of biology (particularly genetics), social epistemology of science, topics in general philosophy of science (particularly mechanisms, reduction, pluralism, and integration). 


Previous education

Master of Arts in Philosophy (with an Advanced Certificate in Science Studies), Central European University, 2017


Book reviews

Bondarenko, O. (2020). The Return of Plasticity [Review of the book Impressionable Biologies: From the Archaeology of Plasticity to the Sociology of Epigenetics by M. Meloni]. Metascience 29, pp. 293-296.


Conference talks

'Carving the Social Environment at Genetic Joints: Can GWAS Inform Claims about Environmental Causes?'. ISHPSSB Biennial Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (online), July 2021.

'Carving the Social Environment at Genetic Joints'. British Society for Philosophy of Science (BSPS) Annual Conference (online), July 2021.

'Orchids and Dandelions: Categorisation of People in the Research on Differential Plasticity'. Workshop on Reactivity and Categorisation in the Human Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (online), May 2021.

'"Drinking from the firehose of new data": how useful are genomic tools for the social sciences?', Conference of the European Network for Philosophy of Social Sciences (ENPOSS), 14 September 2020 (held online).

'Whither the biosocial? Local epistemic goals and collective interests in integrative biosocial research', ISHPSSB Biennial Meeting, Oslo, Norway, 10 July 2019.



Faculty of Biology 'Social Context of Health and Illness' (seminar leader).

HPS Paper 5 'Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science' (supervisor).

HPS Paper 6 'Ethics and Politics of Science and Medicine' (supervisor).

HPS Part IB (supervisor).