Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Emeritus Professor

Nick Jardine

Nick Jardine

Research interests: Historiography of the sciences; early-modern cosmology; history of natural history; philosophy of the sciences

Nick Jardine is the principal investigator on the AHRC-funded project Diagrams, Figures and the Transformation of Astronomy, 1450–1650.

Selected publications

  • The Birth of History and Philosophy of Science. Kepler's 'A Defence of Tycho against Ursus' with Essays on its Provenance and Significance, Cambridge University Press (1984)
  • The Fortunes of Inquiry, Clarendon Press: Oxford (1986)
  • Romanticism and the Sciences, Cambridge University Press. (1990) Edited and introduced with A. R. Cunningham
  • Cultures of Natural History, Cambridge University Press. (1996) Introduced with E. C. Spary, and edited with J. A. Secord and E. C. Spary
  • The Scenes of Inquiry, Oxford University Press (1991) 2nd ed. with appended essays, 2000
  • Books and the Sciences in History, introduced and co-edited with M. Frasca-Spada, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press