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Twentieth Century Reading Group

The group discusses books and papers relating to the history and historiography of 20th-century science, technology and medicine, broadly construed. We meet on Thursdays, 1pm to 2pm in the Board Room. Organised by Susanne Schmidt, Mary Brazelton, Helen Curry and Richard Staley.

Everyone is welcome – feel free to bring along your lunch.

Michaelmas Term 2016

In Michaelmas, we'll be reading:

13 October

Sebastian Conrad, What is Global History?, Princeton 2016
Chapters 4 and 10 ('Global history as a distinct approach', 'Global history for whom? The politics of global history')
With an introduction by James Poskett

3 November

Vanessa Ogle, Global Transformation of Time, 1870–1950, Cambridge, MA 2015
Chapters 3 and 7, and Conclusion ('From National to Uniform Time around the Globe', 'One Calendar for All')
With an introduction by Mary Augusta Brazelton

10 November

Christophe Bonneuil, The Shock of the Anthropocene, London 2015
Preface, and Chapters 2 and 3 ('Thinking with Gaia: Towards Environmental Humanities', 'Clio, the Earth and the Anthropocenologists', with Chapter 1, 'Welcome to the Anthropocene' recommended for those unfamiliar with the idea of the Anthropocene)
With an introduction by Helen Curry

24 November

Michael Gordin, Scientific Babel: How Science Was Done Before and After Global English, Chicago 2015
Chapters 7 and 9 ('Unspeakable', 'All the Russian That's Fit to Print')
With an introduction by Jonnie Penn