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Philosophy of Medicine Reading Group

This reading group is dedicated to new and old problems in philosophy of medicine. All are welcome.

Meetings take place on Tuesdays, 1–2pm, in Seminar Room 1.

Conveners: Tim Lewens, Stephen John, Jacob Stegenga, Anna Alexandrova

Lent Term 2017

24 January

Skopek, Jeff 'The Nature of Big Data and its Implications for Privacy'
(draft to be circulated – please email Jacob (jms303) for a copy)

31 January

Biddle, Justin 'Intellectual Property in the Biomedical Sciences'

7 February

Kincaid, Harold (2008) 'Do We Need Theory to Study Disease?', Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 51

14 February

Bennett Holman 'The Fundamental Antagonism: Veritism and Commerce in Medical Practice (1905–1920)'

21 February

Lemoine, Mael (2017) 'Animal extrapolation in preclinical studies: An analysis of the tragic case of TGN1412'

28 February

Christakis & Fowler (2007) 'The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network', New England Journal of Medicine
Barabási (2007) 'Network Medicine: From Obesity to the "Diseasome"', New England Journal of Medicine

7 March

Lippert-Rasmussen, K. 'When group measures of health should matter' in Eyal (et al) eds, Inequalities in Health

14 March

Sreenivasan, G. (2009) 'Ethics and Epidemiology: Residual Health Inequalities', Public Health Ethics (2009) 2 (3): 244–249