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The people listed here work centrally in history of medicine and allied sciences. Many other colleagues have relevant interests; see the full list of Teaching Officers, Research Fellows and Teaching Associates, and Affiliates.

Teaching Officers

Emeritus Professor

Research Fellows and Teaching Associates

Affiliated Lecturers and College Teaching Officers

College Fellows

  • Mr Peter Jones (King's College): Medieval medicine
  • Dr Andreas Sommer: History of the human sciences and medicine, historiographies of science and the occult

Other people at the University of Cambridge

Affiliated Scholars

  • Dr Jenny Bangham: History of genetics; history of anthropology and social sciences
  • Dr Debby Banham: Anglo-Saxon medicine
  • Dr Christina Benninghaus: Social history of medicine
  • Professor German E. Berrios: History of psychopathology and psychiatry
  • Dr Sanjoy Bhattacharya: History of medicine in South Asia
  • Professor Peter Bowler: History of scientific ideas about biology, race and evolution
  • Professor Janet Browne: History of the life sciences and natural history
  • Dr Robert Bud: History of technology, museology, chemistry and biosciences
  • Dr Tatjana Buklijas: History of anatomy and embryology
  • Dr Andrew Cunningham: History of medicine
  • Ms Shinjini Das: History of medicine in 19th-century India
  • Professor Soraya de Chadarevian: History of biology and biomedicine
  • Dr Silvia De Renzi: Early-modern medicine
  • Dr Rohan Deb Roy: The 'nonhuman' in science studies; new imperial history; South Asia
  • Dr Karin Ekholm: Early modern European medicine, anatomy and natural philosophy
  • Dr Ole Grell: History of medicine and religion
  • Dr Philippa Hardman: Science and gender
  • Dr Vanessa Heggie: History of modern medicine and biology
  • Professor Sonia Horn: History of medical education, 18th and 19th centuries
  • Ms Shelley Innes: Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Professor Gerald Kutcher: History of medicine, science, public health and bioethics
  • Dr Elaine Leong: Early modern medicine
  • Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd: Ancient science and medicine
  • Ms Helen Macdonald: History of ecology
  • Professor Jim Moore: Social history of 'science and religion' since 1800
  • Dr Ayesha Nathoo: History of 20th-century medicine, science and medical communication
  • Dr Francis Neary: History of modern medical technologies
  • Dr Hannah Newton: Medical, social and cultural history of early modern England
  • Dr Alison Pearn: Correspondence of Charles Darwin
  • Dr Sadiah Qureshi: Endangered peoples and human display in the 19th century
  • Dr Jennifer Rampling: Late medieval and early modern alchemy, medicine and natural philosophy
  • Professor Eleanor Robson: Medicine in the ancient and pre-modern Middle East
  • Dr Christine Salazar: History of military medicine
  • Dr Anne Secord: 19th-century popular science
  • Dr Andrew Wear: Early-modern history of medicine
  • Dr Paul White: Life sciences in Victorian Britain
  • Dr Louise Elizabeth Wilson: Witchcraft and medicine in medieval England

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