Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Access keys

Access keys, which are supported by most web browsers, are keyboard shortcuts that take you to another page on the same website or to a particular place on the current page.

This website uses the following number keys as access keys:

  • 1: Go to the homepage
  • 2: Skip to the main content on the current page
  • 4: Skip to the search box on the current page
  • 0: Go to the help page (this page)

The combination of keys you need to press varies according to which web browser you are using. Here are instructions for recent versions of the most popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows): Hold down Alt and press the access key, then press Enter.
  • Firefox (Windows): Hold down Alt and Shift and press the access key.
  • Firefox (Mac): Hold down Ctrl and Shift and press the access key.
  • Safari (Mac): Hold down Ctrl and Alt and press the access key.

There is a link at the top of each webpage that takes you straight to the main content of that page, missing out the navigation menus. This is intended for use with speech software, so it will not appear if you are using a graphical browser.

Text size

You can use your web browser to make the text on this website larger (or smaller). Open the browser's View menu and select Zoom or Text size.